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Hospital Thanksgiving

Today we had our Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital. A couple days ago, Jack caught a virus that went straight to his lungs and sent us to the hospital on his 3rd birthday. So here we are at CHLA for Thanksgiving, the same hospital (and same floor) where Jack was discharged from a 6 month stay in the NICU a couple years ago, while our girls are staying with family. It’s all strangely familiar.

This isn’t what we had in mind for Thanksgiving this year, but in the purposes of God we’ve been gifted the reminder of our dependency on him, and boy are we aware of it. At 3 years old, Jack is old enough to absorb everything, but not old enough to understand what’s happening and why. It’s been a rough stay.

The good news is that he’s responding well to treatment, but progress is slow so we’ll be calling CHLA home for the next several days.

“Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the sustainer of my soul.” — Ps 54:4

Hospital Turkey

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