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Heart Surgery Update

UPDATE 3:00PM 12/07/18 It’s a good day. Jack is holding his own. The doctors are very encouraged by how strong he is and have mentioned many times how well he has tolerated the surgeries. We are just about through the 24hr “danger zone” post PDA surgery. It was a tough night as they expected but he is bouncing back like a champ and the heart surgery is already benefitting him. Praise the Lord!

UPDATE 4:19PM 12/06/18

I'm so grateful to report that Jack is out of surgery and doing well. We got an excellent debrief from the surgeon. The moment they applied the clip to the PDA his blood pressure came up and settled into a healthy range. They expect Jack to have a rough night and it will be 12-24 hours before he’s out of the danger zone due to the risk of bleeding and post ligation syndrome (low cardiac output). For a 26 week micro-premie who has had two major surgeries in one week he is doing very well. He’s a fighter! More updates to come. Thank you for your support and prayers!

Mighty Tiny Jack Henry

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